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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  October 11, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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morning. why even these your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. i don't think that it's important that people be pinned down to a message. >> why protestors are divided on their agenda. >> the family of the workplace massacre, the family's plea for help. >> good morning, it's tuesday october 11. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. frank is back. >> i had a little four-day break. >> are you going to say where you went? >> you can if you want to. >> went to vegas. >> yell a lot, had a lot of fun. were you there last week?
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yes. >> you were there three weeks ago. >> i am ready for the trip. >> wasn't it gorgeous? >> beautiful. if you are headed out now, it's the same. looking very well around the bay area. drizzle and cloudy now been decent this afternoon the we should is he more sunshine and a warming trend in effect. more on that in a moment. first let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> you can see the slickness on the roads, this is the bay bridge toll plaza. but it is across the golden gate, as well. we are following some delays for mass transit. there was a fatal accident just before midnight last night on vta involving a pedestrian. so we are following the investigation there. if it doesn't wrap up by 5:00 for the start of the first trains, then we could see delays for vta commuters. we'll have the rest of the morning drive coming
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up. >> thank you. this morning, san jose police are investigating a light rail accident which has killed a man. >> they are. it happened just before midnight and now it's not clear if the first train will leave on time at 5:00. this is a live look at the scene of the investigation. police say a vta train was traveling along north first street at trumble avenue when it hit the man. investigators are trying to determine whether the pedestrian was crossing the tracks or a passenger who had just gotten off. the "occupy" protests are growing in oakland. >> hundreds of people still camped outside city hall. kristy seifkin is in oakland where the protestors have different reasons for being there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, grace and frank. we have seen this movement grow in multiple bay area cities over the past weeks, san francisco, san jose and berkeley, and now oakland the most recent to set up last
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night drawing about 750 protestors. if you look over my shoulder you can see that they are camped out, many tents here just in front of city hall. most are inside because of the rain. this was modeled after the one in new york city. they have child care, a kitchen and media relation tent like new york. one of the key participants in this oakland protest are the members of the oakland education association. they voted last week unanimously to endorse the occupation oakland. some of those -- "occupy oakland." some of them are camped out as well as some of the workers of the postal union. protestors have been speaking out against foreclosures, the lack of jobs and against the desire -- the desire for the rich to be taxed more. but when we interviewed protestors here last night, many had a hard time saying why
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they're here. >> reporter: what is the message? >> what is the message? >> reporter: why are you here?! >> one, i don't think that it's important that people be pinned down a message? >> i kind of like the fact that we don't have a nine-point agenda. >> reporter: some labor unions think that the protestors' vagueness is intentional. they say that by being just generally angry and not pinpointing any specific issues, they can blame the unions later on for their discontent. "occupy oakland" may be later in the game in he remembers it setting up in the bay area but they are by no means the last. walnut creek sets up tomorrow. additionally tomorrow, we are supposed to see a march by the participants in "occupy sf." they are going to lead a protest march through the financial district. the movement is not slowing
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down. back to you. the stock market is down this morning after the biggest one-day gain in a month but asian markets surged the biges the hang seng which was up nearly 2.5%. still, the big european markets down sightly. yesterday the dow jones industrial average shot up 330 points. the nasdaq was up almost 3.5%. president obama will promote his $447 billion jobs package in pennsylvania this morning as the bill faces its first key test on capitol hill. a 60-vote supermajority is needed in the senate procedural vote to keep the plan alive but that won't happen with only 53 senators in the democratic caucus. >> this bill is the same wasteful spending, the same burdensome union giveaways and the same temporary tax policy that has failed the american people in the last two years. >> if the republicans in congress think they have a better plan for creating jobs
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right now, they should prove it. >> during this stop in pennsylvania today, the president had tour a training center for the international brotherhhood of electrical workers. pennsylvania is a crucial state for his re-election hopes. jobs and the economy will be the main focus this evening as the major republican candidates gather for a presidential debate. this comes as a new gallup poll shows another big shift among the nation's republican voters. former massachusetts governor mitt romney leads at 20%. but former pizza executive herman cain right on his heels at 18%. more than tripling his showing in the same poll. that was just a month ago. texas governor rick perry dropped sharply to third place at 15%. san francisco voters can get an early start on next month's election starting today. the department of elections office at city hall will be open for voting monday through friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. san francisco voters will pick a mayor, a district attorney
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and a sheriff. they will also decide on a number of ballot propositions. mayor ed lee plans to vote at city hall this morning. he and 10 challengers for mayor held a debate last might moderated by cbs 5's ken bastida. lee had expected the other candidates would go after him more than they actually did. >> reporter: were you surprised how nice everyone was to you? >> you know, that was surprising tonight but i also think that the format didn't permit attacks tonight. i really think that the public is tired of attacks. i think they want to see how we're going to attack problems rather than people. >> if you ro like to, you can see the entire debate by going on our website, special meeting at the alameda city council tonight, a list of recommendations made after a suicidal man drowned on memorial day while firefighters and police watched from the shore. alameda has reestablished its water rescue program that had been disbanded to save money.
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the city bought another shallow water rescue boat as well to go with the one it bought this past june. and san jose police are blaming a stretched thin police force for a spike in officer involved shooters. the department is investigating its fourth in the past five days. yesterday morning police shot an armed man they said made a threatening gesture near nevarez and hillsdale. the man still unidentified died on the spot. san jose laid off 65 police officers in july. tonight a rosary service will be held in san jose for one of the men killed in the shooting rampage at a cement plant in cupertino. 48-year-old manuel pinon died last wednesday when shareef allman opened fire during a meeting. now a south bay antiviolence group is seeking donation to help manuel's family. two others died, seven others wounded. counselors have been on hand at the plant since it reopened
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just yesterday. and the victims of a weekend murder have been identified as two former students at san jose state university. >> kristina pandula and eric otokawa have been dating for about six months now. pandula was an aspiring nurse from sunnyvale. otokawa was from georgia. >> he is the kind of guy who would pull himself up out of things. he would deal with difficult things. we all fed off that, too. >> he's a really good guy. he has such a good heart. >> so far, police are releasing few details about the saturday morning shootings outside otokawa's apartment a few blocks south of the main campus. investigators hope the public can now provide some tips to help find their killer. uc-berkeley is holding another clinic today for students to get free vaccinations against mumps. the school is giving priority to students in the dorms. "contra costa times" reports an outbreak of the mumps at cal has been praised to a student
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who contracted the disease on a trip while in europe. as many as 44 people at cal have all come down with the mumps in just the last two weeks. stanford university is the latest area where pg&e will conduct that hydrostatic testing on its natural gas pipeline all part of an ongoing effort after last year's deadly explosion in san bruno involving a pg&e pipeline. testing begins today on a mile- long section which runs through stanford's property. it runs along parts of page mill and sand hill roads as well as junipero serra boulevard. >> we have some friends in from chicago. we are going to do the cable cars, ghirardelli. you have to join us. i said, we have to get lawrence karnow to first, the weather. >> it was the worst day ever. >> i say go to the wharf for the clam chowder in one of those big bread bowls. >> stay inside. >> it was gloomy around the bay
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area. similar today, clouds, drizzle, roads, very slick so be careful out the door but watch what happens on the satellite image of the clouds fade away as the system weakens as high pressure builds into the bay area. i think that's a very promising sign for our weather ahead today. looks like more sunshine in the afternoon. right now temperatures very mild outside. 64 degrees in san jose. 61 for the fog and drizzle into san francisco. very cloudy and very wet in pacifica. this afternoon sunshine, mid- 70s into san jose. 70s into livermore and concord. about 68 degrees in san francisco. weather should be much improved for today. let's check the roads now with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. as you mentioned it is still slick across the bay area. live look at conditions across the golden gate bridge. first want to let you know they wrapped up overnight roadwork in novato. various lanes southbound 101 shut down. supposed to wrap up by 5:00 but
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they wrapped up early. everything looks great in both directions. no lane change yet. we have a very dark shot of the nimitz. 880 through oakland difficult to see out there. maybe weather making it harder this morning. you can see the headlights though southbound traffic on 880 looks okay. early-morning flight to catch at oakland airport, northbound traffic what you can't see but i promise you it's there. it looks okay in downtown oakland. cruising across the antioch bridge through 4. south bay looks good, as well. coming up a check of mass transit. a father and his baby murdered. how the suspect in a northern california cold case was caught here in the bay area. >> and ipad fans, there's an app for you. how a rival for facebook andapple may be behind the delay. >> and the nba cancelled the first two weeks. what it will take to save the rest of the season. ,,,,
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baby boy four years ago. a bay area man is behind bars accused of killing a sacramento father and his baby. donald ortez lucero is under arrest in oakland. investigators say tips and crucial new dna evidence led to the capture. lucero is expected in the september 2007 shooting deaths of 21-year-old shawn paul ak tanya and his infant son sharon, junior in sacramento. investigators believe the shooting was drug-related but the two victims were not the intended targets. detectives are hoping the break in the case will lead to the arrests of the other suspects. respiratory arrest is the official cause of death for apple cofounder steve jobs. that's according to the death certificate that was released by the santa clara county health department. it says the respiratory arrest was the result of pancreatic cancer. he died last week after a long battle with pancreatic cancer.
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apple is planning a celebration of jobs' life for company employees a week from tomorrow at apple's main campus in cupertino. ipad users finally have a facebook app that they can use on their tablets. the rollout of this application has been delayed for months amid rumors of a rift between mark zuckerberg and apple. facebook is said to prefer a web base that bypasses apple's app store rules and the two companies had been talk about deepening integration but the new software features more integration with twitter instead. it's october 11 which is national coming out day for homosexuals. the day kicks off with the lgbt community center's economic empowerment week. the man who took over california's largest gay rights earlier this week is stepping down. he plans to lead equality california at the end of the week -- leave equality california at the end.
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week. the group will announce a transition plan. his decision came less than a week after the group decided against leading a campaign next year to overturn the prop 8 ban on same-sex marriage here in california. and probably a surprise four guys out there. >> the nba has cancelled the first two weeks of the regular season. seven hours of talks yesterday didn't do a lot of good. it was held in new york between players and the owners and the deadlock is still on. there were -- they were not able to end the lockout that has been going on since july over 100 days now so commissioner david stern has cancelled 100 games and says more cancellations are possible. >> i'd like to think that we'll be able to work something out, but with each passing day, i think, you know, you face the prospect of more games lost. >> now, the two sides have been negotiating over salary caps in the division of the revenue. for the time being, no new
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talks are scheduled. i believe this is like 55 and 45 and now the owners want 50/50 and the players are saying no way. i think the average salary in the nba is about $4 or $5 million. [ laughter ] >> so... my heart does in the plead for them, i'm sorry. >> no kidding. time now 4:48. it's said to be the most macho soft drink of them all. the new soda designed for men only. >> and it doesn't get children high but the design is enough. the pot-shaped candy that's sparking outrage with parents. >> kicking hybrids out of the carpool lanes. how we're suffering as a result. all coming up. ,, i've got nothing against these do-it-yourself steam-cleaning enthusiasts. it's good for the customer to get to know their own carpet. and spending the day moving furniture and lugging around a hot water extraction unit can be a rush!
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the fed decision to kick hybrids out of the carpool lane may be slowing down the bay area commute for everyone. on july 1, a program allowing solo hybrid drivers with a special sticker to use the carpool lanes ended because the feds said the carpool lanes
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were too crowded. it seems that move has backfired. >> imagine driving in a carpool lane and traffic next to you is traveling at, say, 20 or 25 miles per hour. how fast do you want to go for fear that suddenly someone in a regular lane is going to suddenly change into your lane? >> 85,000 drivers used those lanes. starting this morning, there was a new way to get around san francisco. it is a citywide bike rental program. you can rent a bike at one location drop it off at another, like a rent a car. bikes will be available at the justin herman plaza, fort mason center, union square plaza and two locations in golden gate park. prices start at $9 for a regular bike. and today first lady michelle obama will attempt to jump her way into the record books. it's part of a nationwide campaign to encourage kids to exercise. today's organizers hope to get
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at least 100,000 californians jumping at landmarks including the golden gate bridge. >> jumping in the rain today. >> it's wet out there. >> very wet in spots to start out this morning. of course, very damp around the bay area yesterday. from you heading out the door, plan on cloudy skies and some drizzle continuing along the coastline and inside the bay. temperatures though are very mild right now mainly into the 60s. i think by the afternoon you will enjoy some much improved weather. partly cloudy out toward the coastline. see a mix of sun and clouds as you get inside the bay. temperatures warming up as we will see more sunshine out in the afternoon. a beginning of a trend of warmer weather ahead. high pressure beginning to build into the bay area. kind of get the sense here as you see the clouds diminish, lots of clouds early on and the ridge builds in. that's good news if you are looking for some more sunshine and less gloomy weather. this ridge will continue to build today and over the next couple of days and i'll tell you what, some of these numbers
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probably up into the 80s, maybe some low 90s into wednesday and thursday. so improving weather on the way after a dreary start. this afternoon, 78 morgan hill, 75 san jose, 70 in fremont. about 65 degrees in half moon bay. east bay temperatures going to pop quite a bit. 78 degrees in brentwood. 77 walnut creek. and 76 degrees in the napa valley. as you get inside the bay, you will find those temperatures up into the 60s and even the 70s in toward oakland. about 67 degrees in berkeley. 71 degrees in mill valley and about 75 degrees in santa rosa. so you get the idea much better weather ahead. and i think of course by the afternoon we don't have to worry about that drizzle. so with that in reminder the next couple of days, high pressure will build in. those temperatures are going to be warming up night 80s and 90s into the interior valleys. then it looks like as we head toward the latter part of the week, we are going to watch those temperatures cooling down into the weekend. it's traffic time. for that we head to elizabeth. >> thank you. we are still following this
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developing story in the south bay just before midnight. a fatal accident involving a vta train and a pedestrian. one of the light rail actually struck a person on the tracks. unclear if it was a passenger or someone trespassing. but you can see police are out there, san jose police are out there continuing their investigation. north first street is closed they are hoping to have this wrapped up by the time the first train is scheduled to leave at 5:00. so we'll let you know if there are vta delays for the start of the commute. at this point the investigation continues. live look at the golden gate. so far, so good. we haven't done the lane change yet. that's at 5:00. you're good to go in either direction. the nimitz 880 through oakland. difficult to see the shot.
4:55 am
there's supposed to be northbound traffic where you see the dark black hole. fog an issue, but southbound traffic is okay down towards oakland airport. no delay. actually all the way into hayward. i mentioned some overnight roadwork on the antioch bridge. that's been picked up. it looks good across highway 4. and to the south bay we go now main lines of the freeways, except for that vta accident blocking portions of north first street, the main lines of the freeway actually look okay up and down the guadalupe parkway. and heading out of downtown san jose this live look at 280 traffic, looks great all the way towards cupertino. and mass transit except for the possible vta delays, everything is on time for bart, ace, muni and caltrain and your ferries. 4:55. here's some candy with a very unusual shapes, like marijuana plants. they can be found in hundreds of stores all around the country. and the wrappers include the word, legalized. the company's owner says he is
4:56 am
just reacting to trends and that his motivation is strictly business. antidrug activists are seeking to have the candy banned from some stores in new york city. a new soda being marketed just for men. dr. pepper says it is 10 calories. it's been marketed in gray cans inspired by action commercials. the new response because studies find men don't drink diet soda because they are not manly. we now have video of the tiger woods hot dog attack. >> tiger. >> whoa. >> tiger! >> come on. >> a fan was arrested sunday after rushing the green in order to throw a hot dog at woods during the final round of the open in cordevalle. you can see the bun scattered all over the green and then
4:57 am
later, the weiner was removed from the green. >> or the hot dog. yeah. i got nothing for that. i'm sorry. [ laughter ] >> poor tiger. he played pretty well -- >> it's unfortunate that they did that. >> especially here. okay. moving along. it's time for pumpkins. >> whoa! >> that's how we do it here, hot dogs, pumpkins. tipping the scales at just over 1700 pounds the giant gourd squashed the competition, ha ha at yesterday's weigh-off in half moon bay. that's still about 100 pounds shy of the world record. but it earned a napa grower just over $10,000 in prize money for a pumpkin. >> look at that. that's huge. >> gigantic. check out the pumpkin and other finalists at the festival this weekend in half moon bay. $10,000 for a pumpkin. >> a lot of squash.
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why the key test for the president's job bill why it's probably dead on arrival. what friends are revealing about former students murdered at san jose state. the protest against wall street has spread to oakland where over 750 protestors are camping out in front of city hall. but many of them are unclear about why they're here. details on some key participants in this protest coming up. we're live in cupertino pe lehigh quarry where it's been a week since the tragic shooting and as workers return the public is being helped. and you'll get a bonus. you get 10% off your groceries. [ male announcer ] save 10% on your groceries when you get a flu shot. that should make you feel better already.
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